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Our Mission

Improve individuals' lives by helping them visualize and shape their ideal future. Work collaboratively to establish concrete goals and actionable strategies that guide them towards their aspirations.  This is accomplished by providing coaching and tools that aid them in their journey, fostering an intentional,  harmonious, and joyful life.

Our Founder

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With over three decades of experience as a management consultant and other leadership positions, Ted dedicated his career to the growth and development of both companies and individuals. In his roles, Ted had the privilege of influencing over 300 professionals within his leadership and development scope at several Fortune 500 companies. For a decade before that, he was instrumental in crafting and delivering personnel development programs across various organizations. Ted's expertise primarily lies in collaborating with others to develop goals and strategies, then actualizing them at both the individual and organizational levels.


As Ted transitioned into retirement, he faced a pivotal question: "How can I find purpose, ignite my passion, and give back in my retirement years?" This very question led to the creation of what he now calls the SetFire approach for Life Vision & Strategy. This approach took its final shape as he helped a friend navigate through challenges that became fundamental to the SetFire philosophy. Furthermore, this approach is enriched by insights Ted gained from navigating and growing through four significant, multi-year personal challenges. These experiences propelled him into a deep soul-searching journey of self-discovery, growth, and learning.


The philosophy of SetFire echoes the advice Ted once gave to his daughter, who, at thirteen, was grappling with life's diverging paths. His advice to her was to envision her future self in five or ten years, and to establish clear goals and standards to guide her towards that vision. After all, our lives are largely shaped by our decisions, actions, and how we treat ourselves and others.


For Ted, embarking on this new venture isn't about financial gain. In fact, it is his goal to gain nothing financially from it. SetFire represents the culmination of his lifelong journey of learning and his strong desire to help others maximize their life's potential. Ted looks forward to assisting individuals or their loved ones in igniting a life marked by purpose, intention, and harmony.

         Ted Bozarth, Founder

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