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Coaching Agreement

It is important as we begin this process of life exploration, visioning, and strategy development that we jointly understand how to move through this process productively and with appropriate boundaries.

  • Primary Role: Our fundamental role in this process is to facilitate your definition of your future self. Essentially, our task involves drawing out your future self from your present one, articulating it clearly on paper, and then collaboratively developing a strategy to move towards your vision.

  • Scheduling Commitment: Mutual respect for each other's time is paramount. Once we agree on a schedule or specific session timing, we are both committing to adhering to them. Should the need to reschedule arise, both parties agree to communicate this at least three days in advance whenever possible.

  • Documents in Advance:  In order to effectively prepare for a session, we need to receive any materials you have created that are pertinent to the session 48 hours in advance.

  • Guidance, Not Advice: Our approach is to prompt reflection and consideration, not to give direct advice. You won't hear us say "you should" or "I recommend." Our goal is to stimulate thought on matters we believe are important for you to contemplate.

  • Ownership of Actions: The decisions and actions you take following our sessions are entirely your responsibility. They should stem from your personal deliberation and insights gained from our discussions.

  • Scope of Service: We are not therapists or counselors. If you sense that this process might surface issues that may benefit from professional psychological support, we advise having a psychologist or counselor readily available for consultation.​​

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