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Sparks Mentorship Program

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The Sparks Mentorship Program is a dynamic initiative designed to connect retired and active professionals with college students for purposeful knowledge sharing and guidance. This program leverages the vast experience of mentors to ignite the potential of the next generation, fostering a bridge between academic learning and real-world expertise.  The program is a no-cost service.

Current Program Status: We currently have capacity for five additional students.


Mentor Eligibility Guidelines (Exceptions May Be Made):


  • Retired and active professionals from diverse industries, with a minimum of 15 years of professional experience including a minimum of 5 years in a management / leadership role (can be flexible if we are familiar with prospective mentor and the underlying needs driving these requirements are met).

  • Passion for teaching and sharing knowledge.

  • Graduate of four year college degree.

  • Commitment to supporting and guiding college students.


Student Eligibility Guidelines (Exceptions May Be Made):


  • Undergraduate college students attending a US college.

  • Demonstrated academic achievement and a commitment to personal growth.

  • Commitment to learning from experienced professionals.


Program Benefits:


  • For Mentors: An opportunity to give back, share their legacy, and stay connected with the evolving professional world.

  • For Students: Personal and professional growth, access to invaluable real-world insights and career advice. 


Application Process:


  • Links to application forms for both mentors and mentees are below.

  • Matching process based on professional alignment and mutual interests to foster meaningful connections.

Mentorship Program Handbook

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