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Todd Mclean



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Employed Full Time



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MS Teams

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Ted B



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Mentorship Program Handbook

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Since undergrad, I have mentored others. In my junior and senior years of college, I was a community assistant that helped incoming freshman to get accustomed to life away from home. This is where the passion for guiding others came to life. Two years after starting my career, I returned to my alma mater to create a program that helped graduating seniors enter the workforce and manage the transition from college to corporate America. My joy for helping others has only grown over the years. I have mentored adolescents who have immigrated from other countries, helping them with language learning and literacy. Anytime I can give back I do.

Why Mentor?

For me, giving back is a form of honoring the God in myself and others. Guiding people to easily overcome the obstacles that I spent hours, days, and sometimes years to overcome is my greatest contribution to society. Becoming a Sparks mentor is not only combining my experience and my passion, but also feeding my spirit in a way that can only be filled by helping others. The human spirit is wired to care for others, and the brain to be generous, mentoring is my acceptance and submission to the process.

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