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The Flame

In the heart of the darkness, a lone spark awakes,  

A flicker of hope, for humanity's sake.  

In the caverns of doubt, where shadows conspire,  

There kindles a spirit, we call it SetFire.


Through valleys of fear, your embers they spread,  

A trail of light, where once we tread.  

In the hearts of the weary, you inspire desire,  

To rise from the ashes, reborn and afire.


A glow, a soft murmur, against the night's choir,  

A symbol of hope, that never shall tire.  

In each act of kindness, in love that transpires,  

The flame lives on, in these sparks we acquire.


So let us carry forth, this flame that never tires,  

Through storms and gales, through trials and mires.  

For in each of us burns, a fragment of this fire,  

A call to be more, to lift and inspire.

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