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We effectively opened our doors in January 2024, but we want to share some early feedback.  We also invite you to share yours! If you would like to provide an endorsement or expression of gratitude - just click the button below! Your preference for identification or anonymity will be strictly honored and full names will never be shared.  Submitted endorsements are not immediately visible.

March 8, 2024

General Coaching


I cannot describe how grateful I feel you took the time to put this together to help me, and maybe also the others. Anxiety has been a big part of my life that I struggle with and not many people understand. I am genuinely so thankful that you have been finding ways to help and support me the last few months. I take your suggestion to make a recording and follow it during my meditation. Thank again you so much for this!

May 4, 2024

Life Vision & Strategy Development


This whole experience has been very valuable for me as a college student. As a young individual, I rarely think about what I want my future to look like. However, within the past few months, I have had a clearer vision of my future. This experience helps me acknowledge what I want my future to look like for all aspects of my life, like career, health, and love life. It was a great opportunity to reflect and genuinely think about my life and what I can do to improve and live it as I desire. This is also a great chance for me to see what aspects of my life I am not taking care of, so I can give them more care and love in the future. I truly appreciate all of the coaching I received throughout this journey, since it has guided me to explore my desired life and all of the steps I can take to make it come true!

February 9, 2024

Sparks Mentorship Program

Nhi P.

As we celebrate this wonderful holiday season, I want to send a big thank you your way. I would like to express my gratitude for all your guidance and support over the past year. You have helped me immensely, both personally and professionally. I truly appreciate that! I hope you enjoy a Christmas filled with joy and laughter with family, friends and loved ones. Merry Christmas! Or in Vietnamese "Giáng Sinh Vui Vẻ"!
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