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We continuously strive to enhance our community by introducing new services and complimentary resources for our members. Rest assured, we'll prominently highlight significant updates here to keep you informed!

Welcome Edgar Peña!


Edgar has joined our Sparks Mentorship program as a mentor and brings significant experience in business and supply chain management.

Welcome Ethan S.!


Ethan, a student at Northwestern Michigan, was just accepted into the Sparks Mentorship Program and matched with a mentor.

Welcome Melanie Sabella!


Melanie has joined our Sparks Mentorship program as a mentor and brings many years of business management and engineering knowledge and experience.

Welcome Steve Westphal!


Steve has joined our Sparks Mentorship Program as a mentor and brings deep experience in the consumer goods industry.

Weekly Blog Posts Initiated


We've started publishing weekly blog posts aimed at supporting our members on their paths to personal growth. These posts offer carefully crafted insights to encourage introspection and self-improvement, all as a free benefit for our members.

Introducing the Student Card!


For a small donation towards our not-for-profit cause, we are now offering our Sparks Mentorship students an additional service - stand-out with the Student Card! Available now from the Student Resources page for mentorship participants.

Welcome Rajan Raval!


Rajen has joined our Sparks Mentorship Program as a mentor and brings a significant amount of operations and technology knowledge and experience.

Live Online Discussion Series Launched


We're excited to introduce our new Live Discussion Series, another complimentary benefit for our members. This innovative format kicks off in April, featuring a youth-oriented, four-part dialogue on the "Four Agreements" book, offered at no extra charge to our members.

Sparks Mentorship Program Launched


We're delighted to introduce Sparks, our new mentoring initiative for undergraduate students at U.S. colleges. This program pairs students with an expanding roster of Sparks mentors, each possessing extensive professional expertise, to support students in navigating their academic paths and career planning.

Advisory Board Established


Our Advisory Board has been formed with two key objectives in mind: to ensure that our services have the most significant impact and to oversee the management of the SetFire Goodwill Fund.
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