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We continuously strive to enhance our community by introducing new services and complimentary resources for our members. Rest assured, we'll prominently highlight significant updates here to keep you informed!

Welcome Macy V.!


Macy, a student at the University of Tennessee majoring in Marketing with a minor in Retail Management, has just been accepted into the Sparks Mentoring Program. She will soon be matched with a mentor. Welcome, Macy!

Introducing Merlin!


We are excited to announce the launch of Merlin, our new AI mentorship assistant, for students in the Sparks Mentorship Program. Merlin is specially customized for each student's unique context, profile, and mentorship goals. This innovative tool is designed to support and guide students in their growth and development between their monthly meetings with their Sparks Mentor.

Welcome Ana Fernandez!


Ana has joined our Sparks Mentorship program as a mentor and brings a significant amount of leadership, business and sustainability expertise to our program!

Introducing our Advisory Board


We would like to introduce you to our Advisory Board. Maria Martin, James Best, Don Finley, Todd McLean and Steve Westphal bring a wealth of expertise and a shared commitment to impactful service. Their diverse experiences and unique perspectives are essential, ensuring that SetFire consistently delivers the highest quality of service to our community.

New - Foundations of Money!


This 40-question quiz with full explanations is aimed at helping young adults build their financial awareness. If chosen, results can be referenced in Sparks Mentoring or General Coaching sessions.

Welcome Turk Akbay!


Turk has joined our Sparks Mentorship Program as a mentor and brings a wide array of knowledge and experience from many domains as a serial entrepreneur and speaker.

Welcome Eddie McClure!


Eddie has joined our Sparks Mentorship program as a mentor and brings significant experience in various areas of business operations.

University of Tennessee Partnership!


We have established a new partnership with the University of Tennessee's Haslam School of Business to provide one year mentorships to undergraduate students through our Sparks Mentorship Program!

Welcome Anthea T.!


Anthea, a Supply Chain Management student at Michigan State University, was just accepted to the Sparks Mentorship Program and matched with a mentor!

New - External Content!


We want to have a good way to share external media from across the internet that is aligned with our mission of helping you on your growth journey. This includes music, videos and other mixed media content. Enjoy!
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