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SetFire Goodwill Fund

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SetFire is dedicated to maximizing its positive impact on the community. Our primary mission is to assist as many individuals as possible, while maintaining financial sustainability. We achieve this by keeping our profits modest, typically around $20 per hour. This strategy enables us to allocate 25% of all proceeds to the SetFire Goodwill Fund.


The SetFire Goodwill Fund is the cornerstone of our commitment to social responsibility. It is designed exclusively to provide services to those who stand to benefit significantly but lack the financial means to access them. The governance of the Fund is entrusted to our Advisory Board.


The Advisory Board plays a crucial role in our operations. They are responsible for identifying and recommending individuals who are eligible to receive our services at no cost. Through this approach, we ensure that our resources are directed where they are most needed, fulfilling our goal of making a meaningful difference in the community.

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