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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find proactive responses to potential questions you may have, alongside actual questions we've received with our corresponding answers. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to reach out via our Contact page.

Which age demographics are the primary focus of SetFire's services?


Although we are just getting started, our goal is to have some offerings that are of value to both youth (middle school & high school) as well as adults.

Is SetFire founded on any specific spiritual belief system?


While SetFire acknowledges spirituality in the context of assisting individuals with their personal growth and recognizing this aspect of life in an individual's journey, we maintain a neutral stance regarding any particular spiritual or religious beliefs.

Is SetFire a Non-Profit, Non-For-Profit, or something else? And Why?


SetFire operates on a not-for-profit basis, setting us apart from nonprofits that depend entirely on donations from third parties to offer services or goods free of charge to the public. In contrast, we introduce a model where we request a donation for certain services from the recipients of our services, aiming to use these contributions to develop additional free services for the community. All donations collected for these services are set aside in our Goodwill Fund for the sole purpose of growing and delivering our no-cost services to the public. We ask for a nominal donation for some services as a strategic measure. Without this contribution, the demand would surpass our ability to provide quality services. This donation acts as a measure to ensure that our services are utilized by those who truly value them and are willing to invest in their personal growth and in making positive life changes. Thus, while we do request a donation for access to some services, we strive to keep these contributions within a reasonable range for those committed to their personal development journey. We also note that the founder and other individuals involved in delivering our services, such as mentors, are all unpaid volunteers. SetFire is a passion project initiated by the founder in retirement. All efforts to set up the organization and related infrastructure were costs solely absorbed by the founder.

How is revenue from SetFire's paid services allocated?


Initially, a portion of our funds is allocated to cover minimal operating expenses. Subsequent revenue is dedicated entirely to enhancing and increasing the range of complimentary services we offer to our members, who enjoy free membership. Our aim is to continually extend our influence and outreach. The organization retains all funds without any withdrawals. The Founder has generously covered all initial expenses and continues to contribute by personally handling all administrative, website, and additional tasks as part of his volunteer commitment.

How early can I apply for a Sparks Mentorship?

Sparks Mentorship Program

You can apply as early as your Senior year of high school with a mentorship start date sometime during the summer prior to entering your freshman year of college.

What happens if I apply as a student and you do not have a mentor available that is a good match?

Sparks Mentorship Program - Student

We will immediately begin recruiting mentors that are a good match. While the process may take a little longer, we are committed to doing the best we can to find a good match!

How late can I apply for a Sparks Mentorship?

Sparks Mentorship Program - Student

Since the Sparks Mentorship duration is 12 months, we recommend applying no later than the summer prior to your senior year. We will consider exception cases as long as their is at least 6 months remaining prior to graduation.
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