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Welcome to SetFire!  


Our Mission: The mission of our organization is to help individuals live an intentional, balanced, and joyful life by providing empathetic coaching and related services which foster self-discovery, resilience, and positive life changes.  Read more about the organization on our About page.

Our Purpose:  Yea ... it's a little hard to explain to someone what this whole things is about ... we get it. Take a peek at this ... it does a pretty good job!


Our Incentive: SetFire provides its membership services at no cost, and joining is free of charge. Revenue generated from our reasonably priced paid services, which can be found on our Services page, is directly reinvested into the organization. This reinvestment helps us to expand our reach and influence. Our primary goal is to create a significant positive impact by enlightening lives.


Our Offerings: Explore our array of services in two ways – visit the Services page or sign up as a (no cost) member to unlock a wealth of complimentary online resources available on the Member Resources page.


Our Invitation: You are invited to join us on a path of personal growth by becoming a member using the Join button below!  Membership is free. 

As a member, you'll gain exclusive access to our Members area, which offers a range of resources to support your journey of personal growth:

  • Live Discussion Series (New!): Participate in live discussions facilitated by SetFire on various topics to help you in your personal growth journey.  Our initial offering is a youth-oriented four-part series on the Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz starting in April.

  • Weekly Blog Posts: Enjoy regular, insightful posts designed to assist you in your self-improvement journey. As a member, you'll receive automatic notifications about new content, keeping you informed and engaged.  You can unsubscribe anytime.


  • Recommended Reading: Discover a curated selection of approximately 30 books, each chosen for its relevance to the ten key life areas emphasized in the SetFire Life Vision & Strategy approach. This list is regularly updated to include the most impactful and inspiring titles.


  • Web Resources: We provide a carefully compiled list of online resources, each selected to aid you in your personal development path.


  • Happiness Factors Assessment: Engage with a comprehensive assessment focusing on 26 personal attributes that contribute to happiness. This tool is designed to help you reflect and identify areas for growth, guiding you towards actions that can enhance your overall happiness.

You may unsubscribe at any time

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